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Purchase a book - Special edition '49° _ _ _ _ _ N 16° _ _ _ _ _ O'

Special edition '49° _ _ _ _ _ N 16° _ _ _ _ _ O'

The special edition contains an autographed copy of the booklet together with one of these five prints.
The autographed prints come in an edition of 10
Size 12 x 16,5 cm

'49° _ _ _ _ _ N 16° _ _ _ _ _ O' is a self-published booklet about architecture in Brno, Czech Republic

Published in 2010
Size: 12 x 16,5 cm
Pages: 36
Number of photographs: 36

The city of Brno has a proud tradition of functionalist architecture from the interbellum period. This is not without reason, however many years have passed since then. During her residency in Brno Marleen Sleeuwits has aimed her lens at mainly socialist architecture. Searching for specific facets she defines the sentiment with which these interiors were originally conceived. For the exhibition 'One On One' in the Brno House of Arts Sleeuwits puts architectural interiors on the map. Their idiosyncratic beauty and the mere fact that they were intentionally designed by an architect does not fail to produce more than a hint of surprise in the viewer.

Brno si zakládá na své tradici centra funkcionalistické architektury meziválecˇného období. Ne neprávem, faktem ale je, že od té doby už uplynulo hodneˇ vody. Marleen Sleeuwits beˇhem svého pobytu v Brneˇ obrátila svuj objektiv pátrající po specifických emocích v architekturˇe na detaily prˇevážneˇ socialistické architektury. Pro výstavu One On One v Domeˇ umeˇní tak na mapu zanesla architektonické interiéry, u kterých nás neˇkdy prˇekvapí urcˇitá krása a cˇasto už jen fakt, že je kdy neˇjaký architekt s urcˇitým úmyslem navrhl.

Purchase a book - Special edition '49° _ _ _ _ _ N 16° _ _ _ _ _ O'

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